Chrysler Canada Collective Agreement 2020

Chrysler Canada Collective Agreement 2020: What You Need to Know

The collective bargaining process is a crucial aspect of labor relations. It`s a negotiation between the employer and the union, where they come to an agreement on matters such as wages, benefits, working conditions, and more. In Canada, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union represents nearly 9,000 workers employed by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Canada subsidiary. In October 2020, the two sides reached a new four-year collective agreement, which includes some key changes.

Wages and Benefits

Under the new agreement, FCA Canada workers will receive wage increases over the four-year period. The first-year increase is 2%, followed by 2% in each of the subsequent years. Additionally, workers will receive a $7,250 signing bonus, which is higher than the previous agreement`s signing bonus of $6,000. The agreement also includes improvements to healthcare and pension benefits, which are crucial for workers` financial security.

Job Security

The new agreement includes language that will provide job security for FCA Canada employees. FCA has committed to investing $1.58 billion in its Canadian operations, which includes the Windsor and Brampton assembly plants. The investment will bring new products and jobs to these facilities, ensuring that they remain open and operational for the years to come. This is a significant win for workers who rely on these jobs to support themselves and their families.

New Product Launches

Another significant aspect of the new agreement is the commitment to new product launches. FCA Canada will launch three new products in the next four years – two at the Windsor plant and one at the Brampton plant. This will help to protect and create jobs in those facilities, which is a vital aspect of the agreement.

COVID-19 Protections

The new collective agreement also includes measures to protect workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The agreement provides for paid leave for employees who cannot work due to COVID-19-related issues. Additionally, FCA Canada has committed to providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for its workers, ensuring that they can work safely during the pandemic.


The new collective agreement between FCA Canada and the UAW union is a significant win for Canadian workers. The agreement includes wage increases, improved benefits, job security, new product launches, and COVID-19 protections. These crucial aspects of the agreement will help to ensure that FCA Canada workers are fairly compensated and protected during these uncertain times. The collective bargaining process is an important part of labor relations, and this new agreement is an excellent example of how it can benefit both employers and employees.